‘My partner’s wealthy family want me to prove that I’m good enough for him’

A woman was shocked when she went to meet her partner’s family and they treated it like a job interview – grilling her to see whether she was good enough for him.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she was quizzed on her work, how much money she earned, and her approach to life.

She said that the questions continued until she felt like she had been asked about everything, and then they started judging her and discussing between themselves.

In the end, the woman said she’d had enough of being interviewed for the position of ‘good wifey’, and abruptly left – much to the shock and bemusement of her partner’s family.

Taking to Reddit, she said: “His brother, who is in a similar field of work, started quizzing me on my work. He asked me kinda rudely if I just got into that field to meet a wealthy man.

“I left early after a conversation with his mom who was asking me about my homemaking skills and not really liking my answer that my boyfriend is the better cook and before I met him I was eating too much takeout but he’s teaching me to cook.

“His mom made a comment about how in her day women brought something special to the table. I tried to play it off as a joke saying that I bring him beer, but it really didn’t land.

“Anyway I headed out early and he stayed that night, but as soon as he left he wanted to talk about why I had dipped super early.

“I said I felt like I was being interviewed for a job of being ‘good wifey’ instead of just meeting people socially, and I feel like that’s not something I enjoy, I like hanging out with people who are chill and accepting.”

After talking to her partner, who she admits is wealthy, he said that his family were just being protective and she had overreacted – but Reddit users didn’t agree.

One said: “His family and he are complete as. His reaction is a look into your future if you tolerate that from them and from him.

“The lot of them clearly feel superior to not only you but anyone who wasn’t born into their tax bracket. It’s not wise to ignore such blatant harbingers of relationship inequity and ingrained disrespect.

“You can do much better.”

And another wrote: “How horrible you had to fend off all their questions and hazing on your own. I hope your partner at least had your back on some of it.

“You’ve now clearly stated you are uncomfortable with this kind of behaviour, so your partner should be telling his family that this hazing is no longer acceptable.”

“The question is, now that you know he is retrospectively OK with their behaviour, is he good enough for you?” Asked a third.