‘My husband blamed me for being late to work – I told his colleagues the truth’

As a parent, it’s a given you’ll be forced into using precious energy to drag your kids out of bed on a morning – but should you ever have to do that for your significant other too?

Unfortunately, this has been an everyday reality for one woman, whose husband hates waking up and getting out of bed more than most of us combined.

Understandably this has put a huge strain on the couple’s relationship, but not only that, the woman feels like she has no choice in being her hubby’s human alarm clock as she fears he could lose his job for continuously turning up late.

“My husband is NOT a morning person. And hates waking up early. Always did. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to wake him up since he is job was literally at jeopardy for constantly being late,” the 33-year-old woman explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“Every morning is an absolute nightmare. He’d stay in bed until 7:30am and refuse to wake up, he’d get so aggressive he’d knock off the alarm clock, push his phone off the nightstand. Put the pillow over his head. Literally scream, ‘go away I’m trying to get some sleep you b***’ when I try to wake him up.”

The woman has tried everything to wake her husband, from shouting at him and removing the pillow and sheets to tickling him and spraying him with water. But, despite her efforts, the woman’s husband is still regularly late for work, over tedious issues such as looking for a sock or waiting for his phone to charge.

However, things recently took a turn when the man invited a few of his colleagues round for dinner and was quite clearly trying to impress them.

“They were talking about how he’s good in everything except that he’s always late. He shrugged and said it’s not his fault he’s always late since he wakes up at 5:30am, walks the dogs, gets the kids ready for school, make breakfast, clean up the kitchen, pack lunch then spend almost 40 minute waking me up,” the woman continued.

“I was floored like I couldn’t believe he was talking about us. I saw the judging look on his co workers faces as they all start telling him that their wives don’t treat them this way.”

One of the co-workers even went as far as asking her if she ever thanked her husband for everything he does, prompting her to blurt out that his version of events couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I said actually if it wasn’t for me he’d never wake up. I’m the one who constantly wakes him up and he doesn’t even know how to set his alarm properly, let alone wake up to what he said he does,” she said.

“His co-workers got quiet and he look shocked. I explained how hard I try to wake him up everyday and they started side-eyeing him. He looked upset yet embarrassed and went off on me once they left saying I ruined his reputation and embarrassed him in front of them just to feed my ego.”

The woman then turned to Reddit to question whether she owes a apology to her husband “for ruining the dinner.”

“Stop enabling him. Tell him you aren’t going to wake him up any more. Ask if he wants help setting his alarm, but that is it. Make him acknowledge that he heard you say you won’t wake him up, with a full sentence,” one Reddit user suggested.

“Tell him you won’t help him get ready. Then ignore the issue, ignore the whole thing, just take care of the kids and your own stuff.”

Another commented: “Your husband needs an attitude adjustment. How dare he throw you under the bus? It’s time he start getting his own a** out of bed.”